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A little background...

Teacher. Mom. Juvenile Court Judge.

Life aspirations of an elementary school Matina. And really, I am not far off from those, just in a completely upside down and non traditional way (thanks Jesus). Ok, well except this whole writing thing- 4th grade Matina who avoided writing at all costs is so confused about how that one came to be, but I digress.

As a prophetic voice of truth and identity- compassionate support with a little bit (or sometimes a lot a bit) of challenge is what you get. With laughter and tears probably thrown in the mix too.


Adventuring with Jesus is my way of life. Every moment an opportunity to be present and actively engaged while ceding control of the direction and outcome to Him.

Take time to explore the blog and videos to see what resonates. I always love to hear how God is moving, so feel free to comment or send a message. Subscribe to receive notifications when new content is posted.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (WA State)
Licensed Pastor (Foursquare Denomination)
Residential Faculty (Independent School)
Lowkey Coffee Addict

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