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Real & Relatable

Blending humor, vulnerability and transparency


Called up, not called out

My goal is to challenge, equip, and encourage

In a ministry context I am often asked to share from my own experience and growth in the areas of trusting God, identity, singleness, food addiction and practicing Sabbath

As a therapist and educator, I have presented on boundaries, emotional health, anxiety, depression, trauma and child/adolescent development

Interweaving personal experience with professional knowledge is my sweet spot

Head over to YouTube to hear talks from Matina

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School Administrator

"The presentation you gave was amazing- you have a real gift in communicating and connecting with people!"

Training Attendee

"You were so insightful... I felt empowered to see my students more deeply"

Group Participant

"In a world full of shame, judgement and ridicule, real healing begins in a safe space. Matina creates an environment where you can feel comfortable & secure. She is sensitive, compassionate and applies the Word of God to topics no one wants to speak about"
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