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Light in the Darkness

Sunshine! Oh have I missed you. There are plenty of memes and jokes about the dark and gloom of the PNW but here’s the thing. It’s truth. We joke about the short days and the early sunsets and the grey drizzly haze that settles in for months but then one day, unexpectedly the sun decides to come out and literally everything changes.

Earlier this week I was doing some really necessary but difficult processing and I was pretty wrecked (more about that another day) and thought I would probably need a mental health day from work. But then, the day came and so did the sun. And I genuinely no longer needed it. Now that’s not to say I won’t need it at some point because one sunny day in February does not a whole mood change make. But the point it - it infused my soul with so much brightness that I was excited to take on the day. I felt stronger. More focused. Lighter in spirit. And just plain happy.

Now I’m sure the scientists and medical people have many explanations as to why sunlight is helpful and necessary. But as I sat with my journal and Bible this morning and these beautiful shadows from the morning sun appeared - I couldn’t help but see the connection of the sun and the Son. Because my time with Jesus does this too. Even on that really hard day this week - there was a lightness in being able to bring my burdens, sorrows and tears to the cross. Sitting with Jesus, in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, hearing my Heavenly Father speak words of life and love over me - changed the atmosphere of my heart.

The difference is the Son isn’t as illusive or random as sunshine in a PNW winter. He is always there. Providing that infusion of life and light whenever we need it. We have to engage it though. Closing up my blinds or boarding up my windows - no matter how much sunlight was out there - if I intentionally shut it out - its presence can’t make a difference. Good thing it takes a lot of effort to fully and completely be in darkness. Even with closed blinds - light often finds its way in through a crack. Because there is power in light. That’s who Jesus is. Not just what He brings but WHO He is.

God is light in him there is no darkness at all [1 John 1]
In him was life and that life was the light of men. The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world [John 1]


Darkness looks different for each of us - a heaviness in your spirit, feeling anxious or in chaos, insecurities, striving to prove your worth, feeling alone. Each one of us will experience darkness because that’s the force that’s at work in the world - trying to separate us from the light. Trying to deceive us that there is nothing and no one out there that will make life better except for us. That we can only trust our own truth. But that’s all it is- deceit and lies. Because no matter how much you board up those windows - the sun will rise. Even when it feels gloomy or isn’t the life energizing type of sun - the sun comes up every morning. God is there. Always. Forever. Always has been. Always will be. And always seeking after you. Being light in the dark. The darkness cannot overcome it.

Seek the Son. It will change you.

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